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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a discussion forum, right?

No. This is a Q&A site. Answers move up and down depending on votes. If you treat it like a traditional time-descending web forum things confusing very get can.

You are more than welcome to post comments by clicking on the add a new comment button.

What kinds of questions can I ask here?

Questions should be relevant to Wireshark features, protocol analysis, or Wireshark development. Before asking please search for similar questions. You can search for questions by their title or tags.

What if I don't get a good answer?

You might try re-reading your question to make sure it is clear and provides enough details. You can go back and edit your question if needed.

Posting the same question multiple times or posting comments as answers will get you less help, not more.

What if I get a good answer?

Please accept it by clicking on the check mark next to the answer.

What kinds of questions should be avoided?

Please avoid asking questions that are not relevant to this community, too subjective and argumentative.

Who moderates this community?

The short answer is you. This website is moderated by its users. The karma system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks

How does the karma system work?

When a question or answer is upvoted, the user who posted them will gain some points, which are called "karma points". These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust to him/her. Various moderation tasks are gradually assigned to the users based on those points.

For example, if you ask an interesting question or give a helpful answer, your input will be upvoted. On the other hand if the answer is misleading it will be downvoted. Each vote in favor will generate 15 points, each vote against will subtract 1 points. There is a limit of 200 points that can be accumulated per question or answer. The table below explains karma requirements for each type of moderation task.

  • Add comments: 20
  • Delete comments: 400
  • Close own questions: 60
  • Reopen own questions: 120
  • Retag questions: 150
  • Edit any answer: 400
  • Open any closed question: 600
  • Delete any comment: 400

Why do user icons look that way? What is Gravatar?

Gravatar stands for Globally recognized avatar. It is a unique avatar image associated with your email address. By default it appears as a square filled with a snowflake-like figure. You can change your image at the Gravatar web site.

Sweet baby corn on a cob! Do I have to create yet another stinkin' account on yet another stinkin' web site?

No. You can login through any service that supports OpenID such as Google, Yahoo. You can even run your own OpenID server.

Facebook and Twitter logins are also supported.

Why can other people can edit my questions/answers?

The goal of this site is to provide easily accessible and correct help to the Wireshark community. Questions and answers can be edited like wiki pages by experienced users. This improves the overall quality of the knowledge base content. If this approach is not for you, we respect your choice.

Still have questions?

Please ask your question and help make our community better!

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