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How can I find my 3G network card in the ‘interface’?


Test system1: Windows7 home edition Software ver.: wireshark-win64-1.6.7.exe Question: Afer the installation of wireshark, I run it, I can see my 3G network card(Huawei E367) on the dailog: capture-- interface. Second day, I run wireshark again, but I can't find my 3G network card. I check the NPF driver, it is normal running. Why? Test system2: Windows xp professional Software ver.: wireshark-win32-1.6.7.exe Question: The phenomenon is the same as test system1. Why?

asked 14 Apr '12, 23:28

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Bryan Liu
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Because mobile phone modems show up as PPP connections, Wireshark uses WinPcap to capture traffic on Windows, and WinPcap can't handle PPP connections on Windows 7 and requires special work to handle them on Windows XP.

answered 14 Apr '12, 23:43

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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As you know, I can capture the Huawei 3G network card data flow while I run wireshark first time. But the second time, Huawei 3G network card can not be shown in the 'Interface', so I am confused. How can I make the definite object shown in the interface of wireshark?

(15 Apr '12, 04:31) Bryan Liu