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Searching for set cookies does not show all the cookies that are set in the browser


I first cleared all the cookies in my browser. Then I went to Mean while wireshark was capturing. In the search field of the wireshark, I entered http.set_cookie. But the filtered packets do not show all the cookies that are set in the browser. For example, the cookies shown(in wireshark) in the domain is only fpc. Where as in the browser 6 more cookies are set in that domain(like fpps, fpc_s, fpt etc)
Why is this happening? Is wireshark not able to capture all the packets?

asked 19 Apr '12, 22:02

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One Answer:


Wireshark will not be able to capture any set_cookie commands that were sent encrypted over HTTPS. Since some websites will change from HTTP to HTTPS for "sensitive" transactions, please check to see whether there was HTTPS traffic which might have set the cookies. This is especially true if you logged into Yahoo with your ID and password during the session.

It is also possible for cookies to be set by javascript commands embedded in an HTML page, which your search filter may not detect.

answered 20 Apr '12, 01:11

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