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Which Wireshark Version to Use


I have Windows 2008 Server, 64bit, running on my box. Which is the most stable version of Wireshark to run?

asked 23 Apr '12, 08:57

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32bit or 64bit stable versions are pretty much the same when it comes to stability - at least that's my observation. The 64bit version seems to be able to handle larger traces, but still has some functionality missing (usually found in the known bugs list in the release notes).

But just to add a warning: if you're trying to install Wireshark on your server because you want to capture what it does wrong you should be aware that that kind of approach is problematic in many ways. You should use an additional PC on a SPAN port instead if you can - the captured data is more consistent than doing a local capture.

answered 23 Apr '12, 09:05

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Do you mean 1.4 or 1.6 or possibly 1.7?

Both 1.4 and 1.6 are in maintenance mode now where they only get bugfixes, so by definition, the latest in each version has most bugs fixed. 1.7 or the nightly build is on the bleeding edge of development and shouldn't be considered stable.

answered 23 Apr '12, 09:09

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