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How to find syn not followed by a syn+ack


I am having trouble with occasional connect timeouts. Is there anyway in wireshark to find where the three way handshake fails?

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3 Answers:


Use the display filter 'tcp.flags eq 0x02' (only SYN flag set)
then: Statistics -> Conversations

Select the option "Limit to display filter" (at the bottom)
Select the tab TCP

Sort the output by "Packets".

Those connections with 1 packet are likely the "good" connections (one SYN only)

Those connections with > 1 packets are most likely the unanswered connections (several packets with SYN as a result of a retry).

EDIT: I just realized that the same question has already been answered some time ago:


answered 03 May '12, 08:29

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Its true. Sometime the work loads do not permit to do that. Your support is highly appreciated. NizamSri

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Assuming that you're truly going through a timeout on initial connection attempts, you would have retransmitted SYN packets. Every common operating system will try at least 3 times (sometime 5) to establish a connection before giving up; they do this by retransmitting the SYN packet. So, if you captured traffic on system A when A attempts to connect to system B and fails, applying 'tcp.flags eq 0x02 && tcp.analysis.retransmission' to the capture would show you any retransmitted SYN packets.

answered 04 May '12, 12:14

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This filter does not work on my Windows Vista PC. Wireshark does not identify the repeated SYNs as retransmissions, so no packets are shown.

(04 May '12, 21:05) Jim Aragon


MATE can help as well

Load tcp.mate from the Wiki. After a restart of Wireshark, use this display filter:

tcp.flags eq 0x02 and mate.tcp_ses.NumOfPdus < 4

That's all packets with only a SYN flag and where the conversation contains less than 4 packets.

Well, that's not perfect, but at least it will find the 'regular' threefold retry attempt.

Sample to test with:


answered 07 May '12, 16:42

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