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Any way to use frame.time_delta_displayed in a filter?


I'm working with a capture file in which a particular conversation suffers from a periodic interruption. I'd like to be able to use that delay in a display filter, but it just doesn't seem to work when I'm dealing with one conversation among many. I've tried: eq 12 && frame.time_delta_displayed > 5.0

and eq 12 && frame.time_delta_displayed == 6.671905000 (from Copy -> as Filter in Details)

but both yield empty results. Now, I can save that conversation to a separate file and then use:

frame.time_delta > 5.0

so my immediate need has been met. Is there any other filter that would select such packets WITHOUT the need to isolate the conversation in a separate file?

asked 07 May '12, 13:36

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One Answer:


Yes, you can enable TCP conversation timestamps (go to the TCP protocol preferences) and then use:

"tcp.time_delta > 5.0"

(no need to select one particular TCP stream, unless you are interested in one particular stream of course).

answered 07 May '12, 14:53

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Perfect - many thanks!

(08 May '12, 07:16) wesmorgan1