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bus error core dump when running capture on bge1 on sol10.


why does wireshark 1.6.4 get a bus error core dump when running capture on bge1? it does not core dump on bge0. I am running solaris 10.

asked 08 May '12, 12:14

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Chances are the problem isn't with the interface it's with what's being captured (e.g., the type of traffic). Wireshark shouldn't be getting a bus error in this case, so I'd suggest:

1) Upgrade to 1.6.7 to see if the problem persists (actually 1.6.8--which hasn't been released yet--fixes a problem which causes bus errors on SPARC).

2) If it's still a problem, open a bug and attach the capture file which causes the problem to happen. The FAQ tells you where to find the temporary capture file if it crashes during a live capture (it would be good to verify that opening this file causes the bus error). It would also be helpful if you can a) get a core file (you might need to check your "ulimit -c") and b) run pstack on it to get a backtrace.

answered 08 May '12, 13:53

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the latest version I see made for oracle/solaris is the one I am running now which is 1.6.4 found on wireshark's third party link site. where do you see 1.6.7 for solaris?

(08 May '12, 14:55) empressdawn2

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1.6.7 is the latest version in the 1.6 branch. I don't know if anyone supplies a package including that version (I compile my own).

Even if you can't upgrade, the pstack of a core file may lend a clue as to whether the problem has been fixed in later versions or not. A bug report with a sample capture would give a more definitive answer.

(08 May '12, 15:00) JeffMorriss ♦

For the record: bug 7240 was opened to track this.

(09 May '12, 10:06) JeffMorriss ♦