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How do you launch Wireshark from a remote shell?


Hi, I installed the wireshark-1.0.15-1.el5_6.4.x86_64.rpm packet on my server, and I expected to be able to use the "export DISPLAY" command then "wireshark" command in order to have a real time display of the packets traffic by Wireshark. Instead, the "wireshark" commad gives back "command not found"


-bash: wireshark: command not found.

The rpm installation was successful. So, what's wrong?

Thanks in advance for the support

asked 11 May '12, 07:03

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One Answer:


I checked the content of that package. It does not contain the GUI version of wireshark, so that's the reason for the error message.

Please try this package:



answered 11 May '12, 07:57

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Many thanks Kurt !!!!! You make me happy. Now I have my GUI.

Thanks for your time and your support.

Best regards,


(14 May '12, 02:10) nouvelle


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