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duplicate IP address display filter


In expert info, I have found two warnings about duplicate IP addresses. Ofcourse, the customer thinks I'm crazy ("Not on my network!") so I took some screenshots showing his this. The only way I was able to show him both in the same screen was to build the filter using the "or" for both IP address warns. expert.message == "Duplicate IP address configured ("

Is there a way to create the filter just on duplicates in general without having to spell each IP out?


asked 01 Jun '12, 08:30

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One Answer:


Yes. Use the "contains" operator to match the part of the expert info message that doesn't have the IP address. Try this display filter:

expert.message contains "Duplicate IP address"

answered 01 Jun '12, 08:41

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Jim Aragon
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Jim - Thanks!

(01 Jun '12, 13:27) EricKnaus