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Can I convert PCAP file from Wireshark to allow Agilent tool open it?


I save the tracing file of SS7 - Sigtran from GSM network in PCAP format by Wireshark , But I really need to open it by Agilent tool.

Does it have any tool to convert wireshark PCAP file to any format that Agilent tool can open.

Thanks in advance.

asked 30 Nov '10, 00:56

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It would be in the best interest of the Agilent folks to read .pcap files - really now - I bet they have an internal tool to convert/read the files. Ask 'em.

(02 Dec '10, 00:20) lchappell ♦

One Answer:


If there's some file format that the Agilent tool in question can read, AND either that format is documented somewhere (documented well enough that we could write code that can write a file of that format) or we have enough samples of files of that format and decodes of those files by the Agilent tool (so that we can reverse-engineer the format of those files), it might be possible to write such a tool - or to modify Wireshark so that it could write those files. (Documentation is better than reverse engineering; reverse-engineering to the extent that we can write those files is harder than just reverse-engineering to the extent that we could read those files, and would probably require that we be able to have somebody try to read the files with that Agilent tool, for testing purposes.)

answered 30 Nov '10, 01:04

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