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Why is DSCP always 0 on Windows 7?



I know this is not specifically Wireshark problem, but people here are more likely done this themselves.

All packets shows DSCP values being 0x00 (default), how can I get DSCP configurations to work in Windows 7 (x64 pro)?

I have configured them like this:

  1. I've been defining QoS policy settings from Group Policy Editor: Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Policy-based QoS (Screenshot)
  2. From "Advanced QoS settings" I have ticked the "Control DSCP marking requests from applications and services" with "Ignored: Only QoS policies can specify DSCP value".
  3. I have QoS Packet Scheduler in Network Card settings turned on.

Stuff I've tried, without help:

Update: I found out that using qostraffic.exe -source -tcp -dest,80 -throttle 1000 -tc 40,4 I can mark the packets if I run it as administrator! But all packets Windows creates "normally" are not marked.

Update: This is probably a bug in Windows 7, other people seem to have a same problem in QoS Policy MSDN thread.

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Have you seen this... It's an interesting article and something to try. Caveat - haven't done myself.

(02 Dec '10, 00:15) lchappell ♦

@lchapell: Thanks, I read it, though did not fix the problem. New thing in the article was the tool qostraffic.exe that creates QoS traffic, and it also unfortunately cannot set the DSCP field in IP header. But should be helpful for debugging further.

(02 Dec '10, 02:23) Ciantic

2 Answers:


I found an answer, thanks goes to xedoc in

Use following registry file to circumvent Domain Joined limitation of Win7:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\QoS] "Do not use NLA"="1"

That is, create REG_SZDo not use NLA” and set it to “1” and create key “QoS” if it does not exist.

answered 06 Jan ‘11, 05:40

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Is your computer part of a domain?

Check out the Microsoft QoS Blog at

The discussion includes a statement from the QoS program manager: "I forgot to point out in my response to Aibulat that a client computer (running Win7 client SKU) has to be domain-joined in order for the local QoS policies to be effective."

answered 07 Dec '10, 10:57

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Very interesting. I tried the "Join a Domain" entry in Start Menu, but all it does it allows me to specify the workgroup again, I did retry specifying it and restarted, did not help. But if that workgroup thing is "joining a domain", I had joined a domain already since I can see other computers in my LAN.

(11 Dec '10, 07:29) Ciantic

Joining a domain requires a workstation with Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise. You need at least one dedicated server configured as domain controller.

(12 Dec '10, 13:09) packethunter