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Find an IP address


I have just downloaded wireshark, I have an access point from a manufacturer that is no longer in business and the I don't know the default ip address. I am a novice. How do I determine the AP's address. (simple... with steps... please.... thanks)

asked 15 Jun '12, 21:12

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One Answer:

  • power off the AP
  • connect the AP and your sniffer PC with a switch (don't use a crossover cable!)
  • Run Wireshark without any filter
  • power on the AP
  • Look for any broadcasts from the AP (Gratuituous ARP, UPnP SSDP, etc.) and try to identify the ip address within that data.
  • configure DHCP on your sniffer PC. Maybe the AP works as a DHCP server
  • If you can't find the IP address, upload the capture file somewhere and post the link here


answered 16 Jun '12, 01:23

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