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how can i read file continuously??



I made packet-capture file and this is updated continuously by program. And I opened this file in wireshark and I reloaded file continuously because wireshark readed file once. I annoyed this act, so how can I do automaticuly this act?

I 'm bad at English. But please understand me.

asked 28 Jun '12, 06:56

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2 Answers:


You are CAPTURING the data with another program, and you're VIEWING the capture file with Wireshark while the capture is running?

You can't do what you want with that setup. Use Wireshark for both capturing and viewing and you will see the packets update in real time.

answered 28 Jun '12, 10:22

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Jim Aragon
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Have your capture program write to a pipe instead of a file. Use Wireshark to capture from the pipe.

answered 29 Jun '12, 08:50

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