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capture from other device


Hi I have Siemens HiPath PBX connected to my LAN. I want to capture all the traffic going in and out from that PBX on my computer.

Can I use wireshark to capture the packets?

SNMP is enables on Siemens HiPath system, is that useful for capture full traffic? I cannot install anything on Siemens HiPath as its not computer but IP-PBX hardware. please let me know what are the ways to capture the packets from it.


asked 30 Jun '12, 23:34

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Sanket P
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One Answer:


I'm assuming your LAN is an Ethernet LAN. If so, then see the Wireshark Wiki page for capturing on Ethernet for the gory details of ways to capture on a switched Ethernet (if you're not on a switched Ethernet, any machine on the Ethernet should, if its Ethernet adapter can be put in promiscuous mode, be able to see all traffic on the Ethernet, including the PBX's traffic, but I think most Ethernets are switched these days, and that makes it harder).

answered 01 Jul '12, 10:03

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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