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SSID Displayed in Column


Hi. I'm capturing packet data using a AirPcap NX and cannot get the SSID to be displayed in the column. I go to the preferences, select columns, select add and try to locate the SSID field type. I cannot find this field type in the pull down menu. Are there other options to get the SSID field type?



asked 03 Jul '12, 14:18

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One Answer:


The pull-down menu only shows a small number of the most commonly used fields and the SSID is not one of them. You can add it in either of two ways:

  1. From Preferences > Columns click "Add". Select "Custom" from the pull-down menu as the field type and enter "wlan_mgt.ssid" as the field name.
  2. Find the SSID field in a packet, right-click, and select "Apply as Column."

answered 03 Jul '12, 21:50

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Jim Aragon
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Hi Jim. I was able to get the new cloumn with the "wlan_mgt.ssid" in the field. However, when I find the SSID field in a packet and I right-click, the "Apply as Column" options does not come up. I get several option one of them being "Apply as Filter" but nothing for "Apply as Column".



(10 Jul '12, 13:05) Mrodriguez

"Apply as Column" appears right above "Apply as Filter." Are you on the latest version of Wireshark? "Apply as Column" has been around for a while now, but if you're using an older version of Wireshark it might not have that feature. The current stable release if 1.8.0.

(10 Jul '12, 13:40) Jim Aragon