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GeoIP…no longitude/latitude


Hello All,

I have installed the GeoIP database. I've pointed my wireshark to the correct database. But when I take a capture and go to statistics-endpoints, I do not see the Latitude/Longitude even for Public IP addresses. Does anyone know why its not working ?

asked 14 Jul '12, 22:38

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It works with Wireshark 1.8.0 and the latest GeoLiteCity.dat file (just checked). So, did you read the GeoIP wiki?

There are several reasons why GeoIP Location does not work

  • Wireshark is not compiled with GeoIP (see wiki)
  • You did not restart Wireshark after configuring GeoIP (see wiki)
  • You need at least these files for a decent result: GeoLiteCity.dat (city) and GeoIP.dat (country). They are stored in compressed format on Maxminds FTP server and you need to uncompress them (GeoLiteCity.dat.gz and !

If you did all that and it still does not work:

  • did you try the latest stable Wireshark (1.8.0)
  • do you see country and city
  • maybe the accuracy of the IP database is not good enough (free!) for your specific IP address


answered 15 Jul '12, 00:34

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  1. I do see "with GeoIP" in the Help-> About
  2. I have the latest version of Wireshark.
  3. I've checked the path multiple times and extracted the data files.
  4. I've restarted Wireshark after that .
  5. Can anyone take a webex sometime and see what the issue is ? And yes, I do have a lot of Public IP addresses in my trace .

I've at a loss as to where I might be going wrong. Have gone through almost all the blogs and checked almost everything.

(16 Jul '12, 07:55) parvikram

what is you OS?
can you please post a screenshot?

(16 Jul '12, 08:52) Kurt Knochner ♦


See my answer to the "GeoIP Nothing Shows On Map" question.

answered 02 Oct '12, 19:07

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