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Problem - wireless capture on windows in promiscuous mode


hey i have Tp-Link Wireless Usb And I Try To Start caputre with wireshark i have this problem

The capture session could not be initiated (failed to set hardware filter to promiscuous mode).

Please check that "\Device\NPF_{1BD779A8-8634-4EB8-96FA-4A5F9AB8701F}" is the proper interface.

Help can be found at:

and i have windows xp can anyone help me pleas?

asked 16 Jul ‘12, 14:06

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Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


promiscuous mode does not work properly on Windows with several (most) wifi adapters.

If you need a working solution for Windows, please check the AirPcap adapters.


answered 16 Jul '12, 15:01

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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thats problem :( i need to get cap file for crack :( do you know any other method to get the cap file :(

(16 Jul '12, 15:11) elie

Capture on Linux.

(16 Jul '12, 15:20) Kurt Knochner ♦

the Back Track Not Read Tp-Link Do You Have Any Driver Pleas Or Something To Do :S

(17 Jul '12, 02:27) elie

If Backtrack does not detect the TP-Link adapter, then your options are kind of 'limited'.

The best recommendation I have: Read the documentation of Backtrack and buy a supported WLAN adapter.

One of those will most certainly work with Wireshark as well.

The Alfa USB Adapter - AWUS036H usually get's good ratings:

(17 Jul '12, 02:30) Kurt Knochner ♦