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Why are hyphens not allowed in the user-name?


Yep... very off-topic, I know... But still... Is there a technical reason? If not, I'd like to be "SYN-bit" :-)

asked 09 Sep '10, 15:21

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2 Answers:


This is a known bug in OSQA. Unfortunately no one has come up with a fix.

answered 09 Sep '10, 15:30

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Hmmm... so much for my marketing plan ;-)

(09 Sep '10, 15:38) SYN-bit ♦♦


My generic answer is that most programming languages are friendlier toward an underscore than hyphen, it’s been that way since I can remember. That goes back to Pascal, FORTRAN, and various other old school languages I have studied. Therefore it could be a result of the language it was written in. I could be wrong, I did buy an eraser once and never got the chance to use it. ; ).

answered 15 Sep '10, 12:49

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That's certainly true when it comes to variable names and the like. But if a data element can't contain certain characters because of the way things are programmed, then something is not programmed right and I would consider that a bug.

It could of course also be a choice what characters to accept or not :-)

(15 Sep '10, 12:59) SYN-bit ♦♦