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How to get Statistics->Conversation List–>TCP information in a text file?


I want to feed the nice table that Statistics->Conversation List-->TCP makes to a script. How to dump that table in a file?

asked 28 Jul '12, 16:14

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2 Answers:


There is "Copy" button next at the bottom left in the same window. Click on Copy and paste it to a text file, then save it as CSV file. Open it with a program like Excel or Calc. Now you can do whatever you want from there.

answered 28 Jul '12, 19:10

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Thanks. I meant how to generate that table from the tshark command line and dump it to a file.

(29 Jul '12, 11:50) oscarmeyer


You can use the statistics functions of tshark

tshark -r input.cap.pcapng -q -z conv,ip > output.txt
tshark -r input.cap.pcapng -q -z conv,tcp > output.txt
tshark -r input.cap.pcapng -q -z conv,udp > output.txt


answered 29 Jul '12, 01:13

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Saw that, but that only gives a few of the columns. I need the others too, like duration and relative start time.

(29 Jul '12, 11:51) oscarmeyer

I need the others too, like duration and relative start time.

That's in the output. Last two cloumns for -z conv,tcp. Actually it's the same output as in the GUI, with a slightly different formatting. Only bps (bits/s) is missing.

(29 Jul '12, 11:59) Kurt Knochner ♦

Not for me. What version are you using?

(29 Jul '12, 12:49) oscarmeyer

TShark 1.8.1 (SVN Rev 43946 from /trunk-1.8)

(29 Jul '12, 14:06) Kurt Knochner ♦

I was one version behind. The latest has the info. Thank you!

(29 Jul '12, 16:24) oscarmeyer

Somewhere between 1.8 and 1.10 they dropped the -q option in wireshark and so now you want the same arguments but the tshark executable

(29 Jul '16, 13:45) huckle

The -q option is still there. See the latest online tshark man page.

(29 Jul '16, 19:01) cmaynard ♦♦
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