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MPEG2 I, P, B frames



I use VLC to stream MPEG2 video files in MPEG TS container through UDP over LAN. I have captured packets with Wireshark and I want to ask if there is any way to identify which frames are I, P, B?

Pcap files link:

asked 05 Aug '12, 09:36

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NOTE: for the pcap files link, ignore EVERYTHING that says "download" except for the "Click here to start download from sendspace" link; otherwise, it'll try to download some "download manager" program that probably won't work on anything other than Windows (as it downloads a .exe file) and that you probably don't want even on Windows.

(06 Aug '12, 20:38) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


Use "Decode as..." on the UDP payload and select M2TP. Then use the appropriate display filter to find what you need. "mpeg-pes.frame_type" may be one of them you're seeking.

answered 05 Aug '12, 12:32

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