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Plot arrival time of UDP packets


My application should send a UDP packet every 16.7mS. I would like to see how much the arrival time varies. I want what "Statistics->TCP StreamGraph->Stephens" does for TCP except for UDP. I tried "Statistics->IO Graph" but couldn't get it to do what I wanted.

Any hints? Thanks, Todd

asked 07 Aug '12, 13:18

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I would like to see how much the arrival time varies

If you want to draw the variation of the arrival time ('similar' to jitter - see also my answer for another question), you would need something in Wireshark that is able to calculate the mean value of the delta time between several past packets and then measure the deviation of the current packet (arrival time) from that mean value. Without scripting (either parsing tshark output or using a Lua listener), this is not possible with the standard Wireshark binary.

The best thing you can do (without scripting) is this:


Please adjust the 'Filter:' string to whatever matches your application protocol. The X-Axis at the right should show your 16.7 ms. The variation of the hight of the spikes, should give you an idea if the packets arrive "equally spaced" or with some deviation. Please change the "X-Axis tick interval" if you don't get usefull data!


answered 07 Aug '12, 17:31

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Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to return such a clear and helpful response!

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