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Is there an easy way to update my own plugin?


I have previously developed a plugin. It works quite well, but now after installing the new version of Wireshark (1.8.1), it doesn't work anymore.

I think it is because it was built with version 1.7.0.

Is there an easy way to get it working on 1.8.1? Do I have to download the sources again, compile it, and than recompile my plugin?

asked 13 Aug '12, 14:51

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One Answer:


We try to keep the API stable within a stable release branch (1.6.x, 1.8.x etc), but between branches there might be some code changes that break plugins compiled for other releases.

So yes, you should recompile your plugin to make it work with the 1.8 release.

answered 13 Aug '12, 15:04

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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@SYN-bit , is there backward compatibility ? If i make plugin with VS2010 , will it work with 1.7.x releases of wireshark ?

(20 Aug '12, 12:25) yogeshg

We make no claims of compatibility with development builds such as the 1.7.x builds.

We also make no claims of backwards compatibility with official releases - if you build for 1.8.x with VS2010, there is no guarantee that the plugin will work with 1.6.x or earlier.

(20 Aug '12, 13:59) Guy Harris ♦♦