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How decode a gzip url



I used wireshark to capture some traffic between a closed-program and a server.

The program request some URL with this format:

GET /m_back/page.php?a5bXBpYyBHYW1lcy0mYXBwdmVyc2lvxNzImcm5kdmFsPTEzNDQ4NTM2ODE= HTTP/1.1


Connection: Keep-Alive

User-Agent: My User Agent

Accept-Encoding: gzip

Looks like the parameter is gzipped, but wireshark can not decoded it.

The answer from the server is coded with GZIP and wireshark can decoded it easily, I can see it under tab "uncompress entity body"

How can I unzip the passing parameter? It should be a XML-file o JSON-parameter . I have tried coping it to a plain .gz file and using gzip command, but it didn't work.

Any idea?

(with a little help from google Translate, sorry for my english)

asked 14 Aug '12, 11:03

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One Answer:


Looks like it's base64 encoded. Likely to be a binary blob.

answered 14 Aug '12, 11:45

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Thanks for your ideas.

Now I have processed the data as base64 and it works!

At this web: I can decode the parameter.


(14 Aug '12, 12:21) vwpolo

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