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how to decode a CITRIX capture


I have a pcap of a citrix capture within a citrix network. I am trying to replay this in a not citrix environment to simulate the traffic for test purposes. When i look at the pcap, "citrix" or ICA is not seen in the decode. When I try to decode as, Citrix and ICA are not seen.

What am i missing? Or is a Citrix capture decode not supported?

asked 30 Aug '12, 09:29

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Wireshark cannot decode the Citrix ICA protocol since it is a proprietary protocol. Only a few commercial analyzers like Sniffer Pro or Clearsight can "decode" it after having signed an NDA (as far as I know), but last time I checked their decodes were far from perfect and do not help much anyway.

answered 30 Aug '12, 15:32

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Wireshark cannot.

Sniffer Global / A3(A-CUBE) /Netscout Probe /PM from Netscout Systems will decode it

answered 04 Sep '12, 01:46

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