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[Protocol Comparisons] TCP, UDP, SCTP (DCCP)


Hi. I want to know how to measure [1] Throughput [2] Loss [3] Delay and Jitter on my application. I am running a video streaming server in my office on both LAN and WIFI. It runs TCP,UDP and SCTP, all over RTP.

  1. As I understand it, I get the throughput from the IO graphs? in WS. (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG)
  2. I want to measure delay, but I only know the time when I receive each packet on my client computers. Is there a way to work around this?
  3. As I understand, Loss = #bytes/packet/data SENT - #bytes/packet/data RECEIVED
  4. How can one measure Jitter?
  5. Is there a way for me to save the stats I capture and have another software plot it? or does wireshark have it own comprehensive graph/plot generator?

I can't find another network analyzer and most people I know say that WS is probably the one that can help me get all these stats. any response will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you very much!

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