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Sharing wireshark plugin without making source public


Can I share wireshark plugin in the form of a DLL or .so to a customer without making the source code public for debugging activity? Please note that I am not billing the customer for this.

asked 21 Dec '10, 20:58

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2 Answers:


You can share the plugin with the customer, but you'll be required to provide the source code if so requested. You cannot limit what the customer does with the plugin and/or source code, as per GPLv2 which is applicable to your Wireshark dissector plugin.

answered 21 Dec '10, 23:08

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You may also want to note that the plugin will not necessarily be portable to the next version of Wireshark, so if your customer ever wishes to use a different version of Wireshark, they may not be able to do so and use your provided .dll or .so plugin.

answered 31 Dec '10, 09:08

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