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Is there a possibility to compare frames?


Hi, i would like to know if somebody knows if there is any script or utility that helps to compare frames in order to see data variations quickly. Thanks in advance. Regards.

asked 22 Dec '10, 03:26

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2 Answers:


The frame dissector provides the option to calculate an MD5 hash of the frame. You can then compare the hashes of the frames to see if they differ, hence if the frames themselves differ.

answered 22 Dec '10, 06:17

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Jaap ♦
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Thank you for the answer but this will not help me because i need a bit to bit comparison from de Data of the frame. (evaluating individual signals in an industrial protocol). Regards.

(22 Dec '10, 06:33) egunon


That actually sounds like a fun little project if it doesn't exist. You might be able to use the perl NET::PCAP library to ingest the file, then make the necessary comparison at the offset you desire. You could render the differences and frame numbers into html. I wish I had more time (and PERL knowledge) so I could give you more direction. Maybe someone else knows of something already built (or something that could be easily adapted).

I don't know all of your specifics, but maybe a dissector could be written for the industrial protocol you are analyzing and do away with the need to compare.

answered 22 Dec '10, 13:23

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Paul Stewart
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