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Other formats missing from the “Save as” dialog


Wireshark 1.4 on Windows 7 is missing a several output file formats. According to the documentation there should be ten options but there are only seven - the various *.cap options. I am particularly interested in being able to save in the bfr (Network Observer) format. How can I get this back?


asked 23 Dec '10, 22:44

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How about this note in the User's Guide:

The selection of capture formats may be reduced!

Some capture formats may not be available, depending on the packet types captured.

answered 24 Dec '10, 02:24

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Jaap ♦
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That doesn't say a whole lot, does it? Any ideas on what packet types these are? I would like to try filtering them out to see if I still have the data in which I am interestesd.


(28 Dec '10, 03:18) GPT

Unfortunately, to give details, we'd have to say a whole lot - we support a number of capture file formats and link-layer types, and we'd probably have to give a table with one of those being the rows and another being the columns, or something such as that.

In the particular case of .bfr format, the only link-layer types we support are Ethernet and Token Ring. What link-layer type is the capture you're trying to save, and what file format is it? (If it's a capture you made with Wireshark, is it pcap or pcap-ng?)

(01 Jan '11, 10:15) Guy Harris ♦♦