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[closed] TCP Previous segment lost


Hi Guys,

I'm quite new to wireshark but i am using it to try and diagnose an issue with have with data loss from client to server. I am see a lot of the following lines in the capture and wondered if anyone could help explain what they are:

"21618","5135.427497","","","TCP","[TCP segment of a reassembled PDU]" "21619","5135.427510","","","TCP","[TCP Dup ACK 21618#1] 34560 > ssh [ACK] Seq=302100 Ack=953008 Win=49640 Len=0 SLE=954468 SRE=955928" "21620","5135.517490","","","SSHv2","[TCP Previous segment lost] Encrypted response packet len=1460" "21621","5135.517525","","","TCP","[TCP Dup ACK 21618#2] 345

60 > ssh [ACK] Seq=302100 Ack=953008 Win=49640 Len=0 SLE=957388 SRE=958848 SLE=954468 SRE=955928"

Any ideas? I'm a little concerned about the lost segments should i be?

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