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accessing web page and random content is missing


I am trying to establish a cause for this. I have two sites I get partial loads with different content missing. An example would be that sometimes the CSS file fails to be applied on some loads but not others. Another example would be that 6 out the ten images will fail to display but if I reload the page 4 random images will not display. I am trying to prove that my ISP could be causing this as I have the same issue at home (Same ISP) and if I use my VPN I do not have the same issue. I am trying to establish whether my browsers requests for the content are firstly successful and secondly receiving the appropriate response. I see no failures in my capture does this imply that all requests are being met?

asked 29 Dec '10, 09:20

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Wireshark isn't an http parser. To wireshark, not having consistent cache-controls (which sounds like your problem) isn't an error. Since http uses TCP, pkt loss would not exhibit the behavior that you are seeing. Two ways to go about it are: 1) Use http analyzers available on the web (HTTP Analyzer, Fiddler etc) 2) Use "follow tcp stream" and look at all the http semantics to see if something is not right. You can also try using Statistics, HTTP option to see if that helps.

My guess is that cache controls are inconsistent.

answered 29 Dec '10, 11:13

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