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Promiscuous mode on Windows - not possible?


I am studying some network security and have two questions:

  1. The WinPCap library that Wireshark (for Windows) is using requires that the network card can be set into promiscuous mode to be able to capture all packets "in the air". I have understood that not many network cards can be set into that mode in Windows. So is it uncommon to use Wireshark for Windows to capture wifi packets?

  2. So to the next question: The famous tool Firesheep also uses WinPCap. When Firesheep was released, all newspapers worldwide said it was so easy to hijack HTTP sessions, but you still need a network card that supports promiscuous mode in Windows, which is uncommon, right?

  3. My wifi adapter is an Atheros AR5007, can it be set in promiscuous mode in Windows? How about Linux?

asked 31 Dec '10, 05:40

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One Answer:


Most windows wifi NICs cannot be used to capture in promiscuous mode. Most Windows wired NICs can be set to promiscuous mode. No clue on your Atheros chipset - sorry.

answered 31 Dec '10, 07:54

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