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Compiling same plugins for different Wireshark versions


Hello, I have a Wireshark plugin here working properly for Wireshark 1.7. On Wireshark 1.8, I get some dissection errors. I know that plugins are usually not compatible with Wireshark versions they were not compiled for. So, I decided to recompile my plugin. I have a Linux system where the stuff is supposed to run. Now, what does it exactly mean to compile the plugin for another version of Wireshark? What changes are actually required? Is it about changing the source code itself or about changing the environment somehow, or both?

Kind regards Ewgenij

asked 13 Nov '12, 02:25

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You need to put your plugin sources in the source tree of 1.8 and recompile, if the API has changed that recompilation may fail and you need to update the API.

answered 13 Nov '12, 04:52

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So, the only thing I have to do is to put my plugin folder to wireshark/plugins and execute make inside my plugin folder. And if it would not output any errors then I'm finished. Right? :)

(15 Nov '12, 02:43) Ewgenijkkg


If you keep in mind that plugins are compiled against the EPAN dissector interface and uses the EPAN header files several changes come to mind:

  • changed / new function signatures
  • changed types / enums

Therefore porting your plugin source requires a new build environment and, depending on the functions / types used, changes to your source code. There's no delta document listing these changes, watch your compiler output for hints.

answered 13 Nov '12, 04:55

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