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Producing jitter values with tshark


Hi all, is it at all possible with tshark to scan a pcap file, and like the -z rtp,streams flag, find the RTP streams, and then output the jitter and delta values for each packet?

I basically want the same CSV that in wireshark you can get from telephony -> rtp -> Analysis -> save as CSV, but from tshark, I'll be using tshark in a script to produce RRD graphs for VOIP monitoring purposes.

asked 14 Nov '12, 14:15

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One Answer:


Hi all, is it at all possible with tshark ....

Currently that functionality is not implemented in tshark.

Maybe the following tool can help you. It's written in Perl and will read pcap files.


answered 14 Nov '12, 14:48

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Thanks Kurt, I'll investigate qstream!

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