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Which is best tool for network traffic dumping, reading the same and again sending it back to the network



I had an application (basically a server) that has to accept large amount of data filled in different2 structures from multiple clients for UDP packets.I want to dump this data in such a format that is easy to read back from that file and again send it back to the server, ( I MAY SAY A RECORD AND REPLAY TYPE MODULE).

Which tool is suitable for do the same and also that run in the backgound along in the application

thanks in advance, monz

asked 03 Dec '12, 01:56

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One Answer:


You can capture the traffic with tcpdump, dumpcap or tshark/wireshark (which in fact also use dumpcap). As a replay tool you could use bittwist, tcpreplay, or maybe ostinato, see

answered 03 Dec '12, 03:03

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thanx for your reply......:-)

(03 Dec '12, 20:23) monz