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Strange ICMP (?) Packets


I'm pinging my local desktop from a server (Solarwinds Log & Event Manager Virtual Appliance) and when I type "ICMP" into the display filter nothing shows up. However, when I do a " ==" in the display filter I start seeing syn + rst/ack packets.

alt text

Can anyone tell me why these aren't showing up as regular ICMP packets? When I get a colleague to ping my machine they show up ok, as ICMP, so I don't think it's a setting on my local host.

Server Address = PC Address = Capture taken from PC.

asked 03 Dec '12, 02:39

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Looks like the server ping uses TCP SYN "scans" against the echo service instead of regular pings, but I can't say why. How did you ping from the server? Is it from command line, or an integrated server feature? Try using the ping command from the command line; these should show up as ICMP messages.

answered 03 Dec '12, 03:01

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I'm pinging my local desktop from a server (Solarwinds

@m0wax: Did you choose a monitoring method called echoping in the Solarwinds appliance? If so, the appliance is most certainly using the echoping tool and you get what you see.

(03 Dec '12, 04:15) Kurt Knochner ♦