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Reading packet data in wireshark


Hello team,

i captured some openflow packets ,and i want to read the data inside Data (47 bytes) its in hexadecimal .Can i read and analyse the content of that data ?

thanks in advance

asked 10 Dec '12, 11:16

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I think we need some additional information:

i captured some openflow packets

You did this with Wireshark or a different tool? If the later, which tool and how looks the output of that tool (can you post a sample)?

Can i read and analyse the content of that data

Do you want to read and analyze it with Wireshark? If so, what is the format you've got? Is it just the openflow payload data in HEX?

If the later, you could format that data into something that text2pcap understands and then add dummy headers (see man page of text2pcap).

text2pcap -T 5000,595 hex.dat openflow.cap


answered 12 Dec '12, 08:44

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