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Issues in capturing Wireshark filters


I am trying to launch wireshark from the cli with the following options...

wireshark -k -i eth2 -a filesize:1000000 -f <capture filter=""> The issue I have is that I want to use a pre-defined wireshark filter... when I run the above with the actual filter in the cli cmd it works, when I use a pre-defined one it fails..

Working example:

wireshark -k -i eth2 -a filesize:1000000 -f "host" Failure example (the one I am trying to use):

wireshark -k -i eth2 -a filesize:1000000 -f pre-defined-capture1 Where pre-defined-capture1 filter does show up under "Capture -> Options -> Capture Filter" list...

The error i get is that the filter is not valid, I would like to specify the filter I saved in the capture filters list if thats possible...

Any ideas?

asked 13 Dec '12, 09:22

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One Answer:


Unfortunately, what you are asking for is not yet implemented. The option '-f' accepts only filters in the libpcap syntax. Please file and enhancement bug at


answered 14 Dec '12, 07:42

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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filed a bug.. thank you

(17 Dec '12, 16:18) gates2010