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How to view sent/received packets for the application layer?


Hello everyone

I have a school project that i'm working on, and some of the questions are to: Show the number of packets sent and received for each application layer. Can anyone please assist me with this.

Thanks in advance

asked 13 Dec '12, 13:56

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2 Answers:


Take a look at the Statistics/Protocol Hierarchy menu option, you might want to filter from there to gather what you need if the statistics in itself aren't enough.

answered 13 Dec '12, 14:26

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Jasper ♦♦
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Thanks for the reply Jasper,

Do you have any idea on which of the packets are sent and which are received?

(13 Dec '12, 17:14) ahad917


Take a look at

Statistics -> Conversations

You will get a list of the different protocol layers and some information about the number of packets/bytes and the direction.

Regarding your question:

which packets are sent and which are received

There is no direction associated with an IP packet, as both the client and the server send and receive packets. So you can't answer that question unless you specify the context. So, if you say:

which packets are sent by the client

You will have to look at all packets where the client IP is the source IP.

which packets are received by the client

You will have to look at all packets where the client IP is the destination IP.


answered 14 Dec '12, 07:26

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