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How can I export data from TCPstream Graph and calculate the Throughput


Dear All

I need to create a file that allows me to calculate the throughput of the network and check with the values ​​of the graph TCPStream. How can I export the graph data TCPStream.

I have calculated the throughput considering the following formula:

throughput = packet length / (time of arrival of the packet - time of arrival of the previous packet). Using this formula I have found differents values from the graph of TCPStream

Example: Considering the values below: Observe that the packets are filtered by: ip.addr == and ip.addr == and tcp.port == 102

No        time             source       destination     protocol   length  info

8 0.012479 PRES 205 Data Transfer (DT)…

21 0.030623 TCP 66 iso-tsap > 60049…..

305 0.031452 PRES 95 Data Transfer (DT)…

throughput = 66 * 8 / ( 0.030623 - 0.012479) = 29100.5291 bits/sec

Please, what is wrong with this way to calculate the throughput

asked 23 Dec '12, 05:38

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