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What is using the most bandwidth on my nic?



I have noticed a network card on our file server is using a lot of bandwidth, I have captured the data for 2 minutes, but how can I tell what source IP is downloading uploading the most data?

Many thanks

asked 17 Sep '10, 05:16

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Just perfect, thanks again!

answered 17 Sep '10, 05:27

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The idea of the Q&A site is to use the "accept" for the answer that actually does have the answer to the question. That way, people are able to find the answer quickly. You can use the "add new comment" to uhmm... add a comment like you put in your "answer" ;-)

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You can use the "Statistics -> conversations" option and then click on the "IP" tab. Then click on the "Total Bytes" column to sort the list.

answered 17 Sep '10, 05:24

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