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The NPF driver isn’t running. You may have trouble capturing or listing interfaces.

            i just installed in and started it for the first time and it gave me this error

The NPF driver isn't running. You may have trouble capturing or listing interfaces.

then when i tried to list the available interfaces gave me an error saying There are no interfaces on which a capture can be done.

please help me i have no idea what to do

asked 24 Dec '12, 09:08

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Hey,bro. I have met the same question as you did. And my suggestion is find the "windows command processer"(I bet you must know where it is...) Right click it, Choose "Run as Administrator" and type "net start npf". Then restart the wireshark. And you'll find everything is going to be normal. however,for now,I've met a issue, Everytime I reboot the computer,then I need to do the process again,otherwise I'll meet the "The npf ......" problem again.. Realy annoying.

(10 Mar '13, 00:30) nowitzji

I have this same problem. I tried to install WinPcap but the install program tells me an instance is already running and it must be stopped. How can this be? I'm using a home computer that has never had this program installed. When I look at current running programs I don't see any WinPcap at all. Please help.

(01 Aug '14, 14:12) Brian

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Did you install WinPcap with Wireshark? And did you install it with elevated privileges (Adminitrator rights)?

To be able to capture packets, WinPcap needs to have elevated privileges.

answered 24 Dec '12, 09:24

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I installed winpcap and its working wonders now!


(14 Mar '14, 08:20) sandy


Typing "net start npf" in PowerShell as Admin worked for me.

answered 02 Apr '15, 21:22

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A quick solution that worked for me was to set WireShark to run as administrator (from it's shortcut's settings, Compatibility tab). This way it was able to automatically start the NPF driver by itsef at start up.

answered 25 Jun '15, 13:32

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This really isn't a great idea, the Wireshark process consists of millions of lines of code that you're allowing unknown packets from the wire to access. Privilege separation between capture and packet analysis was added for a reason, so that only the capture mechanism required elevated privileges.

Please don't do this, or recommend it to others.

(25 Jun '15, 17:05) grahamb ♦