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Your Download contained a Trojan Dropper!


Why does this download come with a trojan dropper that AVG found?

asked 31 Dec '12, 01:02

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2 Answers:


as you did not mention what you downloaded and where, it is hard to say why your AV product believes to have found something. Can you please add more details?

BTW: The current release 1.8.4 is not detected as malware by anyone of the 45 AV scanners of


answered 31 Dec '12, 01:12

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Can you provide a few more details? What version of AVG's scanning engine and virus database are you using? Did AVG provide a more specific description of what it found? "Trojan Dropper" isn't very specific.

Which Wireshark package did you download? Where did you get it? Can you provide a SHA1, RIPEMD160, or MD5 hash of the file?

Note that we've had a number of false positives in the past. It would be helpful if you could provide any more information so that we can verify if this is a false positive as well.

answered 31 Dec '12, 07:37

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