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print"Memory corrupted".


when I open a *.pcap, then it popup a cmd window, print"Memory corrupted". why? and how can I fix the bug.

asked 15 Jan '13, 19:44

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Is this a unchanged Wireshark version? Which version is it? How was the .pcap created/transported to the system if ftp was used it should be transfered in binary mode as the file is binary and ftp might mangle it if transfered in ASCII. Does it happen straight away or after reading a portion of the file? How big is the file?

(15 Jan '13, 23:24) Anders ♦

One Answer:


Usually this error message indicates (canary) memory corruption. I'd suggest first trying with the latest version of Wireshark (if you're not already using it). If that doesn't help, open a bug report and attach the capture file so we can find and fix the bug.

(It might also be useful if you tried an automated development build.)

answered 16 Jan '13, 06:39

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