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count connected computer to ap


I sysadmin of high school In my school I have about 9 ap with the same ssid and password ,also roaming enable the ap connect to central switch. The ap not config as router Who can I know which computer connect to spiffily ap or the number computer that connect to spiffily ap

asked 22 Jan '13, 11:03

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You could try a tool like Kismet which will show you what clients are associated with which AP, but you'd need to be in range. Or you could do a Wireshark capture and find out yourself, but it would be more work than using a WLAN scanner like Kismet - and still you'd need to be in range.

Best solution would be to have APs running that have some kind of reporting functionality. If yours do not have that, you'll have to monitor access like I just described.

answered 22 Jan '13, 12:45

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