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In wireshark1.8.3.XP. the soft can’t remember the path which have just used.


In wireshark1.8.3.XP. the soft can't remember the path which have just used.

so the way to load a *.pcap are: 1,menu->file->open. 2,open button.(in the main interface)

but I used to open a *.pcap through the remembered path direct (in the main interface).

could you fix this .

in version wireshark1.6.4, there is no this problem.

asked 31 Jan '13, 18:33

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I just tried it in 1.8.4 (on Windows XP) and it worked fine: to open a file I went to the directory where I keep many capture files and opened a file. I closed the file then did File->Open again; the Open File dialog was already in the last directory I used.

There is a preference which controls this behavior: in the Preferences screen in the "User Interface" tab there's a choice between "remember last directory" and "always start in"; maybe your preference is set to the latter?

answered 01 Feb '13, 07:32

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In 1.8.5,this problem have been fixed. Thanks!

(05 Feb '13, 01:27) smilezuzu