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Capture and Store voice traffic into a Database


I am looking for a expert Wireshark Developer to help me in customizing Wireshark.

I want to create an add-on application to Wireshark to collect the data packets related to each individual telephone call, convert the packets into individual audio files (one audio file per telephone call) and then store (and retrieve) the audio files from a Database. This should run on a Linux platform.

Brian Gatza [email protected] 847-783-0490 ext 113

asked 03 Feb '13, 12:37

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Everyone - thank you for all of your assistance, it has been very helpful and has saved me from going off in the wrong direction.

Thanks, again Brian

(15 Feb '13, 08:47) bgatza

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(15 Feb '13, 09:04) grahamb ♦

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Don't do it. Go for a real VoIP recorder.

answered 03 Feb '13, 14:28

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Jaap ♦
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I trust and appreciate your answer. Could you clarify what the downsides of using Wireshark in this manner would be? Thank you

(04 Feb '13, 05:40) bgatza

Could you clarify what the downsides of using Wireshark in this manner would be

a lot of coding work ;-)

(05 Feb '13, 13:46) Kurt Knochner ♦

Just one example of an issue:

Using Wireshark to dissect and store info as you indicate would presumably mean that Wireshark would need to run for extended periods of time.

This is a non-starter. Wireshark proper accumulates state (and uses additional memory) as it dissects and thus will eventually run out of memory.

(05 Feb '13, 14:05) Bill Meier ♦♦

What they said. From a distance it looks nice, Wireshark can capture, decode SIP and RTP, extract audio. All nice. But if you look more closely it's like a Swiss army knife. Yes it can get the job done, but it's not convenient, hell not even practical (think of sticking the knife in your nose while you try to look through the magnifying glass). Now you are looking at 'molding it into submission', to do that one job automagically. The architecture is just not a good fit. What you need is to identify the required features (capture, protocol analysis, etc) and look for that tool: a VoIP recorder.

(05 Feb '13, 15:08) Jaap ♦


I suggest to take a look at the following open source SIP capture solution. It probably does all you need.

HOMER SIP Capture Server:

If you need the RTP data (audio files), you better take a look at one of these tools


answered 05 Feb '13, 13:52

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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