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Start and end of slow-start phase


I have a good understanding of slow-start phase, namely how it only lets a few packets send at first, however this amount increments until the max is found in order to avoid congestion.

For the graph below however, how do I identify when the slow-start phase ends? I'm assuming it starts right in the begining at 0 seconds, which is when the connection would be established. I'm going to guess that the slow-start ends at 0.65 seconds? Which is when we only start seeing two dots (packets) on after another... Or rather would this just be because of congestion avoidance?

alt text

asked 04 Feb '13, 09:56

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One Answer:


May I direct you to the following article?

It explains what you see in the TCP stream graph in a nice way.


answered 07 Feb '13, 17:28

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