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How to decode a packet received through wireshark & resolving some errors


We are capturing traffic using JN5148EK010 nodes via Wireshark. The packets received are shown in the screenshot provided.

  1. I want to know how to decode the data?
  2. An error occurs after capturing a few packets, whose screenshot is also provided. How to resolve this error?
  3. Another error (refer to third screenshot) occurred. How to resolve that?

Kindly help.

Please check the screenshots on the following link:

asked 15 Feb '13, 00:52

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Hamra Rehan
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Jaap ♦

Assisting analysis via screenshots is very frustrating. Please save a capture, containing just the 802.15.4 packets, using some form of file sharing service. Cloudshark is a good place. Make sure the data is OK to share first though.

(15 Feb '13, 02:37) grahamb ♦