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Can Wireshark decode frame type 0x2d (reserved)


A WLAN packet capture using the AirPcap card and then opened in Wireshark was unable to decode the frame type 0x2d (a "reserved" frame type).

I did notice that the FCS was incorrect and wondered if this was a factor. So I changed the preferences but to no avail:

Edit > Preferences (802.11 Radiotap) “Assume bit 14 means FCS in header” – made no difference.

The first header is identified as 802.11a and we expect next the HT header to be decoded. But, it is shown as unknown frame type (0x2d). I think because of this, there is no HT header decoded. I am wondering if we are missing some driver that supports the decode of HT MCS?

asked 20 Feb '13, 02:52

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