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Nb RTP multiplex packets stream analysis “RTP Version!=2 not supported”


Hi All,

Trying to save RTP multiplex packets payloads to raw file. Any clues if it can be done?

asked 27 Feb '13, 03:58

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2 Answers:


I don't think so, because the compressed RTP headers cannot be handled.

answered 27 Feb '13, 06:08

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Jaap ♦
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Is there any intention to support so?

(28 Feb '13, 07:53) Dees123

Probably not, patches are always welcome.

(28 Feb '13, 08:14) Anders ♦


If you mean RFC 5761, there's an enhancement request for it in 8355. They're waiting for a pcap capture example.

answered 28 Feb '13, 21:13

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Not covered under Bug 8355, I have few sample traces for RTP multiplex packets covered by 3GPP TS 29.414 Release 7, useful for implementation of RTP stream analysis.

(01 Mar '13, 02:19) Dees123

@Hadriel: it's a bit confusing, but Dees123 is talking about 3GPP RTP Multiplex dissection, as defined in 3GPP TS 29.414. The bug you're referring to is about RTP and RTCP on the same UDP port.

(01 Mar '13, 05:22) Jaap ♦

Oh, I mistook the characters "NB" in the title as some acronym used on this website, like "Need Badly" or something. Dees123 meant "Nb". Yuck, good luck with that. :)

(01 Mar '13, 12:44) Hadriel

@Hadriel: FTFY

(01 Mar '13, 13:54) Jaap ♦